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T2 is the world's leading provider of Psycho-Linguistics training and consultancy.

Psycho-Linguistics involves:
'The use of language to manage people's perceptions and influence their subsequent behaviour.'

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Success Stories

Good communication across all your media channels
drives profitability and performance.

Psycho-Linguistics is guaranteed to have an impact on
your bottom line.

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Improvement in Corporate Image


Complaints Resolved 1st Time


Customer Satisfaction with Correspondence


Fewer Complaints to Regulators


Drop in Re-opened Cases


Reduction in Repeat Letters

Net Promoter Score

In a competitive market, satisfaction, loyalty, stickiness, are the heart of commercial success. When product and price are much the same, it’s often how customers feel about an organisation that’s the deciding factor.

Which is why Psycho-Linguistic know-how allows our clients to have the kind of conversations their customers find rewarding.

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Average Call Handling Time

When a second off AHT can mean £1 million a year, AHT is a serious business.

The results opposite were recorded by one of our Blue Chip clients, which calculated calls at £26,000 per second. So the 47 second drop in AHT was worth just over £1.2 million. Improved AHT gives you extra time. And time is money.

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Varience to prev. mon. (sec)


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the foundation of all commercial success. With sophisticated agent profiling, our Clinical Psychologists make sure that the right people are in the right jobs. And once our Psychologists uncover latent talent, morale improves and performance skyrockets.

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Cultural Transformation Journey

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Define your corporate voice
Audit your written and spoken communication
Design bespoke project
Deliver tailored training to teams (call centre, sales, complaints etc.)
Rewrite internal and external messages
Assess successful behaviour (T2's clinical psychologists)
Identify Champions
Close the gap between PR and operational messages
Measure and sustain the change

Why Us

We enable our clients across the globe to produce confident, cost-effective corporate messages that have a significant impact on their bottom line.

We understand that words are a valuable commodity and that when coupled with psychological insight into human behaviour, they have the power to win hearts and minds.

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A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.

12 word, Proverbs

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

7 words, Declaration of Independence, 1766

I have a dream.

4 words, Martin Luther King, 1963

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What We Do

We’ve revolutionised the communication of banks, insurance companies, retailers, utilities and travel & tour operators on four continents. We enable clients across the globe to enhance their brand, improve their corporate communication and boost their bottom line.

Our innovative linguistic and psychological strategies are guaranteed to:

  • Drive cultural change and transformation
  • Create a modern, dynamic communication strategy
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Boost staff engagement & make you an employer of choice.

Using T2’s tried and tested techniques you can not only manage the content of your messages but people’s emotional reactions to them.

It’s a strategy that’s at the heart of personal and business success.

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Our Success Says It All

‘Good words are worth much and cost little.’

George Herbert (1633)

Harnessing the power of language means money spent on branding and PR pays dividends every time you send a letter, e-mail, text, or make a phone call.

Old & New Communication Styles

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Results that speak for themselves

Nowadays, NPS is often seen as the Holy Grail. An objective measure that tracks the performance of individuals, teams and Customer Services Divisions and compares them with best practice.

After a two day Psycho-Linguistics programmes,  clients have reported:

  • Individuals: NPS +36 in four days
  • Teams: NPS + 16 in two weeks
  • Call Centre: NPS + 17 in 7 months (1,200 seats)

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Happy Customers = Healthy Profits

Quality or quantity is an age-old dilemma – there’s not a ‘one-size fits all’ formula for AHT. The human brain generally pays attention for about 10 minutes, so longer calls can be counter productive. But sometimes patient therapeutic listening can pay dividends.

The secret of success is educating agents to think like professional communicators, to keep the aim of the call in mind, and to flex for different personalities.


Shorter, snappier calls may well be what the young set want for their busy, busy, lives. But older, loyal customers often value the few well chosen words. It’s fine balance between commercial imperatives, and customer needs.

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What our delegates say

It’s made it easier to speak to customers, now that I’ve adapted my tone of voice.

Utility Sector

Psycho-Linguistics has really helped me give our customers a more personal, friendly service.

Insurance Industry

Not only have we begun healing our relationship with our customers, but we’ve also strengthened our emotional and psychological trust in each other.

USA Company

The Magic Words are great and our customers really love them too. It’s really helped me when having those difficult conversations.

UK Bank

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Cultural Journey

‘If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.’

Reed B Markham, American Educator

Companies have willingly embraced the latest communication technology. Why not the latest words? Last year over 8,500 new words entered the language. If corporate communication doesn’t move with the times, then, ‘Egads, forsooth, thou wilt find thy missives and discourse antiquated.’ It’s crucial that corporate communication is continually adjusted in line with the times. Move on!

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Words Matter

Words don’t just convey meaning, they also pack an emotional punch.


We’re highly qualified – with PhDs, MBAs and specialist degrees to our name. We’ve all got a strong commercial background, and can blend theoretical knowledge with practical know-how. China, Siberia, Jamaica, South Africa, North America, Australia, Russia, Uzbekistan…just a few of the countries we’ve worked in. As you’d expect from a winning team with this amount of experience, we’re culturally sensitive, polished, and highly successful. We can show you the best words to use, how to use them and how to make them pay their way. Trust us. We’re good at what we do.

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